Aid Executive Management and Corporations through complex decisions



Aid Executive Management
and Corporations
through complex decisions


At Cuymler, we believe in the entrepreneurs and the high potential of the mid-small size companies. At Cuymler, we look to provide a vast breadth of expertise and global reach aid in making complex management decisions for further growth as well as contribute to the wider industry.


Cuymler prides ourselves in providing ensuring efficiency and transparency to the uncertainty that goes along with the process of M&A or corporate actions that leads to a speedy and efficient deal execution.

providing ensuring efficiency and transparency to the uncertainty leads to a speedy and efficient deal execution


Cuymler’s Business Field

Cuymler work with our clients in strategy planning, corporate action execution, integration and monitoring for the success in achieving sustained growth.

planning dealing integration monitoring

Business and Balance Sheet Strategy Planning

We help our clients formulate the strategy to achieve financial and strategic objectives.


Corporate Action(M&A, Financing)

We manage the deal process utilizing the proprietary platform and execute the deal in optimal way.


Post M&A Integration

We support our clients conduct post merger integration collaborating with our global solution partners.



We monitor our clients after the deal to ensure the success and to help building the future growth strategy.

Deal Management

What brings robustness?

Pre-transaction research

We help our clients identify and address the risks and opportunities of a deal.

Deal process management

We use our proprietary deal process management platform to ensure optimal steps to follow taking uniqueness of a deal into account.

Advisory board

We partner with advisors from broad range of industries to obtain proper expertise required for a deal especially for the business area with high degree of complexity.

What brings optimality?

Deal matching and screening process

Our knowledge and experience help our clients identify the right target and determine the structure of the deal.

Strong relationship with key decision makers

We have fostered strong relationships with key decision makers and stakeholders in broad industry. It enables our clients to connect appropriate targets.

Global solution partners(especially competitive in USA and SouthEast Asia)

We have various solutions partners globally to conduct cross-boarder deals.

Advisory Board Collaboration

Cuymler has a close alliance with advisory experts across a wide range of fields that will help client achieve business expansion as well as achieve business efficiencies.

Examples of Experts

Medical / Pharmaceuticals / IT / Nursing Care / Specialized Trading Company / etc.

Global Network

Cuymler retains a global network of expert advisors in each field in order to provide a best in class solution shaped to accommodate client business characteristics, geographical location, and corporate size.

Partnership Strategy

We partner with highly experienced advisors in our global network that have the ability to execute, for clients to have access to experts that help choose an optimal counterparty.

Geographical location is another key aspect of moving forward with deals. Our experts have expertise specific to geographical locations to aid in smoothly coping with issues arising from each deal. Effectively creating a quick yet effective deal. We will constantly look to expand our global network to further strengthen our global reach and effectiveness in our deal execution, while clients can execute quality deals overcoming geographical challenges.

Cuymler’s Global Partner
national flag of USA

US Partner
Balanced Business Advisors

national flag of Singapore

South East Asia Partner
AIRA International Advisory (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Execute the most optimal M&A deal

In order to execute the most optimal M&A deal, the sceening process is essential. The components of 1) industry and size, 2) criteria for decision making 3) time frame and timing are factors used to establish a road to an optimal counterparty. 

For middle to small sized companies, public information is scarce while the specific functional requirments are very high. In order to be successful, it is critical to understand to filter based on business owner's criteria and properly track the deal road map.

At Cuymler, we eliminate uncertainty and provide an optimal and efficient M&A through our independent technology platform (XRM) to screen and track each deal throughout the life of a deal.


Corporate capital structure


Capital corporate investment between a midsized system integrators and a system development company.

Critical requirement for decision making

Business owner is able to satisfy a business objective to focus and expand into regional operations as well as a close corporate capital tie-up that allows to invest and establish the next generation management staff.
We also understood the importance of expanding regional operations as well as establishing a means for growing the next generation management staff and went about the screening process to find counterparties that fits the needs of the business.

M&A ensuring business continuity


A midsized system vendors looks to buy out a medical system development company.

Critical requirement for decision making

The business owner criteria was to have business continuity through a new business owner that is able to understand the high skillset that the business provides in order to answer to the specific needs of clients. In addition, it was critical for the employees and new employer to continue business with a positive relationship.
While the company size was not a concern, the new business owner must satisfy the above criteria as well as have a transparent management decision making process for a successful deal.

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